Satin White Gold Egyptian Ankh DC Coiled Snake Pendant (2 sizes)

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Product Overview

White Gold Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant with Diamond-Cut Coiled Snake Design. 

The symbol of Egyptian Ankh cross with a coiled snake is a combination of two ancient Egyptian symbols that have individual significance.
The Ankh cross is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents life and fertility. It is often depicted being held by gods and goddesses as a symbol of their power to give and sustain life.
The coiled snake, on the other hand, is often associated with healing and transformation in ancient Egyptian mythology. It is also linked to the god of knowledge, Thoth, who was believed to have the power to heal the sick and provide knowledge and wisdom.
Together, the Ankh cross and coiled snake may represent a combination of these concepts or hold personal significance to the wearer. Overall, this design/symbol represents the power of life, fertility, healing, transformation, and knowledge that were important to ancient Egyptian culture.

Metal: White gold.

Gold purity available: 10K & 14K

Available in 2 Sizes (M/L):

Medium (ZP2229)
Weight: 2.8 g. (10k) / 3.3 g. (14k).
Width: 0.96" (24.5 mm).
Height (w/bail): 1.9" (48 mm).
Bail opening: 5 mm.

Large (ZP2230)
Weight: 5 g. (10k) / 5.9 g. (14k)
Width: 1.3" ( 33 mm)
Height (w/bail): 2.45" (62.5 mm)
Bail opening: 5 mm.

Finish: satin with diamond-cuts.

Back: hollow.

Gender: unisex.

Made in the US.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review